Doray Honey

Doray honey comes from a careful selection of honeys harvested by Sierras Andaluzas Cooperative. This exquisite blossom honey has a wide variety of chromatic and aromatic nuances as well as textures.

Special honeys with lavender, orange blossom, eucalyptus or broom; cream honey for spreading; organic blossom honey; honey with cut honeycomb; or for the most demanding foodies, honey still stuck to the honeycomb cells …

Doray is a brand of guarantee and higher quality, available in several formats for the true honey lovers. Do you want to know their presentations?

DORAY Blossom Honey

DORAY Organic Blossom Honey

DORAY Special Honey

DORAY Cream Blossom Honey

DORAY Blossom Honey with combs

Looking for more information?​

Contact Andaluza de Mieles and we will advise you about the whole honey bottling process. Contact our highly qualified and professional team, who are experts in exports. Contact us and we will be delighted to read your queries and provide a response full of tailored solutions for your projects.

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