Our brands

Here at Andaluza de Mieles we have our own select brands established on different markets and suitable for all buyers.

Doray, Aljaraflor and Ramiflor are our registered trademarks which you will find at major retailers, cash-and-carry stores, food wholesalers, supermarkets…

Strong own brands with a renowned market reputation. Quality brands that build consumer trust and loyalty.

Would you like to find out more about them?


A guaranteed brand of outstanding quality, collected by the Sierras Andaluzas Cooperative. It stands out for its purity and organic, craft production process. Strict compliance with quality standards has allowed usto obtain CAAE Organic Livestock certification and the “Calidad Certificada”(Certified Quality) mark of the Regional Government of Andalusia. The brand is also an associate member of LANDALUZ, the Food Enterprise Association of Andalusia, which is the leading organisation in the agri-food sector in Andalusia. If you appreciate quality, Doray is the honey for you.


Multifloral honey offering outstanding value for money. This variety is produced by bees from the nectar of different flowers in varying proportions. An amber-coloured honey with a liquid texture, it has a highly intense and pleasant floral scent. It stands out for its purity, and a sweet taste with savoury hints. This natural product is a wonderful way to build up your defences. Aljaraflor, a delight for every palate.


“Glucose syrup and honey” and “Sugar cane juice syrup” are healthy, natural alternatives to traditional sugar. Thanks to their sweetness and ability to blend with other ingredients, they are used in foodstuffs and hot and cold beverages. They can also be employed in cake and bread baking, dairy and cereal-based produce, jams and preserves, condiments, and for tinned and
packaged produce. Ramiflor, perfect for those looking for an authentic flavour

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Contact Andaluza de Mieles and we will advise you about the whole honey bottling process. Contact our highly qualified and professional team, who are experts in exports. Contact us and we will be delighted to read your queries and provide a response full of tailored solutions for your projects.

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