Tailor-made honey

At Andaluza de Mieles we select the finest raw materials to fulfil our clients’ needs. We forge alliances and partnerships with first-class producers worldwide. This allows us to offer you an extensive range of honeys from any source (Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary…) bottled in any format you wish, and with your own label.

We are your strategic partner in preparing your honey. We oversee the whole process from source to point of sale. Tell us about your project!

Made in Spain

Spain produces more tonnes of honey than any other European Union country. The country’s natural diversity, with hill and mountain landscapes and natural parks, along with the wide range of flowers, are conducive to Spanish honey offering very high levels of quality. Its taste and texture are outstanding, as is its nutritional value. Spain produces a host of monofloral honeys, such as rosemary, orange blossom, thyme, eucalyptus, heather, chestnut and holm oak honey.

Each type of honey has a distinctive colour, scent and flavour. In terms of colour, Spanish honey ranges from a light, almost white colour, through amber, to darker, almost black tones. The scent varies from a sweet, floral bouquet to a stronger and more pronounced aroma. As for the flavour, the different varieties cover the spectrum from very mild and sweet, to strong-tasting and even sharp and bitter honeys.

Honeys of the world

At Andaluza de Mieles we select the finest honeys of the world, including Central and South America (Tajonal honey from Mexico, Caa-tay honey from Argentina, eucalyptus honey from Uruguay and organic honeys from Brazil), as well as the countries of Eastern Europe (acacia honey from Hungary, lime-tree honey from Romania and sunflower honey from Ukraine ). Ask us about the honey you would like bottled, and we will provide comprehensive advice.

Honey with honeycomb

The purest and most natural way to enjoy honey. With all the flavour of honey contained in a portion of honeycomb taken straight from the beehive. This retains all its properties and guarantees its purity and essence, as it is freshly bottled straight from the beehive. Honeycomb chunks to sample honey in its purest state.

Honey from speciality flowers

There are hundreds of types of honey all round the world, depending on the type of flower that the bees find in their habitat. The varieties of honey thus depend on the source of the flower or shrub. One may therefore find multifloral honeys (pollen from different flowers), monofloral varieties (made from one specific flower) and forest honeys (obtained from leaves).

The most sought-after speciality monofloral honeys include orange blossom, rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, lavender, lime-tree, clover, alfalfa, hazelnut, chestnut, pine, fir, holm oak, heather

Organic honeys represent another distinctive product. They are obtained from the pollen of flowers 100% free of herbicides and other pollutants. The honey is made from the blossom of fields certified as organic, in accordance with the requirements of organic beekeeping regulations. This is a delicious, solid, compact, crystallised and smooth raw honey, indicating that it is completely natural and retains its properties intact.

Looking for more information?

Contact Andaluza de Mieles and we will advise you about the whole honey bottling process. Contact our highly qualified and professional team, who are experts in exports. Contact us and we will be delighted to read your queries and provide a response full of tailored solutions for your projects.

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