Our Company
since 1970.

Our grandfather started out in the world of beekeeping, while our father set up a professional business bottling honey. Andaluza de Mieles was founded in 1998 by the third generation, born out of the family’s spirit of enterprise.

Our mission is to promote the culture of honey and honey-derivatives, and to offer national and international consumers solutions for their food needs, pursuing strategies of sustainability, innovation and respect for the environment.

A great Team

We are a young, enthusiastic, multi-skilled team with the right training and extensive experience. The daily contribution made by our staff focuses on improving and adapting to the changing needs of clients and consumers, while retaining the authenticity, originality and high quality of our produce.

Our R&D and innovation team analyses and researches products and markets. We have an export department developing strategic plans to break into and establish a position in such international markets as the United Kingdom, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Portugal, Poland, the United States and China

Honey bottlers

Once the raw materials have been selected, the honey is naturally bottled using automatic dosing systems at our facilities with 2000 m2 of storage capacity.

In 2014 we made a substantial investment in machinery to double our production capacity to 5 M kilograms per year. Precision, control and the ability to work with honeys of differing viscosities result in a professional bottling process.

All this under the constant supervision of our Quality Control department, responsible for monitoring traceability from the delivery of raw materials to the dispatch of the final product.

Quality assurance

The overriding values in our bottling production process are control and quality. This is a straight forward process, with strict controls to maintain superior quality.

Such prized quality is achieved thanks to continuous improvement proposals from our R&D and innovation department, and by combining new technologies with the tradition built up over more than fifty years in the world of honey production.

Quality accredited by such reliable and independent bodies as IFS, CAAE, the Regional Government of Andalusia and LANDALUZ. Their certificates afford Andaluza de Mieles significant recognition at the international level, and convey trust to clients and consumers alike.

IFS Food

A food safety standard recognised by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit food-producing companies and those packaging bulk food produce. It focuses on the food safety and quality of the products processed, client satisfaction and the pursuit of a competitive edge in the marketplace.

CAAE Certification

International certification and control for the agri-food sector. CAAE has played a key role in the development of Organic Production in Spain, contributing to the professionalisation and enhancement of Certified Organic Produce in the country. A pioneering body in organic production certification.

Calidad Certificada (Certified Quality)

A mark awarded by the Regional Government of Andalusia, allowing producers to highlight the distinctive quality of their produce, while providing consumers with a guarantee of specific characteristics backed up by the relevant checkpoints. This ensures the distinctive quality of agri-food and fishery products, allowing them to stand out in the marketplace.

Andalucía Sabe. Landaluz

This mark groups Andalusian products together under an international recognition system based on their unique market quality and characteristics. LANDALUZ, the Food Enterprise Association of Andalusia, is the leading organisation in the agri-food sector in Andalusia, accounting for nearly 40% of the combined turnover of the sector in the region.

Based in El Aljarafe, near Seville

In the town of Espartinas, in the Cornisa del Aljarafe district, with a wealth of different types of flower which have provided the basis for beekeeping since ancient times. The area is just a few miles from the city of Seville itself, suffused with the scent of orange blossom, rosemary and thyme. The Guadiamar Green Corridor is also very close by, with its Mediterranean landscape ecosystems in a privileged natural setting.

Looking for more information?

Contact Andaluza de Mieles and we will advise you about the whole honey bottling process. Contact our highly qualified and professional team, who are experts in exports. Contact us and we will be delighted to read your queries and provide a response full of tailored solutions for your projects.

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