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Containero for high demand
Plastic IBC 1050Kg​

Easy to handle plastic IBC container holding 1050 kg. Perfect for honey transportation and storage.
Gross weight
Units / Trailer
Pallet / 20’DRY Container
Pallet / 40’DRY Container

Which honey?

Floral or honeydew? Monofloral or multifloral? Produce of Spain, EU countries or non-European countries? Just tell us what you need, whatever your preferences might be, and we will give you qualified, professional advice to meet your requirements. We prepare and bottle whatever honey you choose, in numerous different formats depending on the distribution channel. We guarantee the quality of our produce from when the honey is purchased to when it reaches the consumer.

Looking for more information?

Contact Andaluza de Mieles and we will advise you about the whole honey bottling process. Contact our highly qualified and professional team, who are experts in exports. Contact us and we will be delighted to read your queries and provide a response full of tailored solutions for your projects.

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